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gavian and lugh. >_>; i actually posted this last night, but as far as i can tell, the post acted as if it were backdated, so i'm trying again. my apologies if this is your second time seeing it. this particular lj is plagued with tech issues, so i don't think i'll be going in for a plus lj in the future.


"GAVI!" Lugh exclaimed as he strode in, waving a scroll grandly. "So good to see you!"

The sigh that followed was quite audible. And the dryness of tone after could've been used to sop up half the world's seas and still been thirsty for more.

"...Hello, Lugh." Gavian said, blotting her quill pen. "Which of your undoubtedly outstanding achievements are you here to gloat about today?" The last came with a politely muffled yawn.

"Oh come now, you needn't go to such lengths to hide your delight at my return." He cheerfully flung himself down in a chair and put his feet up. "You haven't seen me all moon, and you're not even the least bit curious as to what I've been up to?"

A flick of Gavian's finger, and Lugh's chair shot back and his feet came down from her desk. His grin remained unaffected and unrepentant as ever.

"Not particularly, no." Gavian answered. "Why don't you go share with your friends?"

"Why you're the very best friend I have! Everyone else might get jealous, or worse, they might actually think the less of me for it, and I know that ye hold me so dear to your own heart that my vision would never tarnish in your sight!"

The fravashi looked at him.

He tried again.

"I prefer to think of it as a confession, tá? Is it any fault of mine that I offer a confession that might be the pride of another man?"

"You were doing slightly better with that one--but you kept talking."

"To the fires with it then, ye cranky old bird! Help me with this bit of rhyme?"

Gavian sighed again. "Very well, Lugh. What rhyme is this?"

"I'm writing a popular new ballad. What do you think would best rhyme with--" The song that lurked in his voice expanded to singing in truth, seemingly without effort on his part-- "I not only took back the land ye stole, I just knocked up your daughter?"

"You are such a child." Gavian picked up the pen again, and went back to work, ruffled and peevish. "I can't believe I actually walked into that. What was Oberon's response?"

"I for one, am delighted by the way ye humour me. Nil, so far; I'll send you notice when he does."

"Of course you will."
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