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"Maaadi! He's doin' bad things again, tá!" Alistar yelled.

"Oh, lords of light!" Delande growled, as she swept into the room, interrupted in the middle of putting her hair up, in order to stop the determined toddler kicking the wall. "Brenan Mac Lugh, you will stop it!"

He did, in fact, stop kicking the wall, but only to take his fingers out of his mouth and gesture upwards at the shelf with his whole hand--and indeed, his whole body, stretching awkwardly up onto his toes until he lost his balance, and staggered a few steps. "Seh? Seh?"

"Nil hea, you still can't have it--I put it up there just so you can't have it."


"Nil hea."

Brenan glowered and then kicked the wall again.

"Leir se, Madi! He cracked it!" Alistar stared.

"Brenan!" Delande gave the offending leg a smack. He regarded her wide-eyed for a moment. Looked at his leg. Looked back at her again, considering. Then he kicked the wall again.

Delande smacked his knee again. "Nil hea."

He stuffed his fingers back into his mouth and considered this as well. Then he raised his foot very slowly, and just touched his toes to the wall.

Delande gave him an indignant look and smacked his knee again, just the same. "Nil hea, Bren."

Brenan considered this some more, thoughtfully drooling around his fingers. Then his eyes narrowed to cresents, the dimples appeared--and he kicked the wall, then giggled expectantly, waiting for the smack.

"Oh, you--" Delande promptly willed a boy to be a puppy. "There. Bad Brenan!"

Brenan the rather large gray puppy stared down at his paws for a beat--and then gave a yip, and went gleefully skidding across the floor, with Alistar in wild pursuit. "Madi! Can I be a puppy too?"

"Nil hea, Aly." Delande said, calmly resuming putting up her hair. Eight minutes before a dog's memory stopped retaining what came before. Plenty of time.

"Can I be a-a-a lagato, then?"

"Nil hea--it's rather important for you to stay a Rivut, Aly."

"Aw! Well can he stay a puppy?"

Delande actually considered that one.
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