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"Maaadi! He's doin' bad things again, tá!" Alistar yelled.

a very short one. bren gleefully raising the bar on the terrible twos. or twenties. whatever. )
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a bit more, that follows this. an appearance is made by wee!alistar.

but first there is a cranky tot to put down for a nap. )
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more bebe!brenan. this one follows right after the last. oh, and that was the first.


Delande found that old habits died hard; the child in her had the excuses ready, as she hurried into the hall in which Lugh was more sprawled, by her way of looking at it, than properly reclined--he'd given up sitting on the throne in favor of sitting on the steps at the foot of it and using the seat as a small table to hold a cup and wineskin; his cloak and shirts and sashes everywhere, his hair in disarray above the gold coronet, and a pipe to his mouth. She took a moment to simply look at him, and smile, before she spoke.

Did I miss anything exciting? )
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from here. bebe!brenan. or rather, his grandmother.


The first person Grainne Frangag met upon navigating the winding way up to the Ard Ri's front door--or doors, as the case may be, with a small and tired tot in tow, was a man that looked far too young to be so old. His dark brown hair had nary a streak of gray in it, yet he was hobbling stiffly and more slowly than Grainne could imagine herself ever doing, while leaning on a walking stick of several vines woven together. The fellow was looking far-away and idly at nothing in particular, as a few young foxes tumbled around his feet.

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a bit of veeery early brenan.


Grainne Frangag was a sidhe woman who identified mostly with the handful of dust in their fabled origins. Neutral of aura, gray of cloth, completely methodical, and inclined to settle at the least excuse, she thought mostly in slow comfortable circles, and was inclined to believe that every problem could be solved, if not avoided outright, if one were only sensible enough about it.

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[n.b.: first posted here.]

the pride's children. this takes place shortly after caladh's first successful voyage as captain of his own ship. (huan went with him.) he's a bit young himself, high school senior or early college age equivalent and very excited and full of himself (he got better?), all the way down to brenan, who's lurking somewhere in pre-teen territory. not that one can tell. they're actually all between a century and change, and three centuries and a few decades old, and rather silly. that much never really changes.


I think you've all been out to sea too long; he's lost all his wit and charm, tá. )


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