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delande and nemanda, pre-alistar, and also, pre-pride. request was for what happened after delande called nemanda beautiful.


There were plenty of obvious, pragmatic reasons, socially relevant, politics-and-power-based, make-maithre-and-aithre-proud reasons why Delande should take interest in Nemanda Murtagh A'Lir. This was good, because it would not give her away to show it; it was in her, by birth and by training to immediately be drawn to trace the specific lines of power to the hands that held them.

Nemanda held many of those lines. )
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a bit sketchy, but hey. jia, caladh, huan and the ard ri.


There were a few things Jia understood, even at such a tender age as she was, and one of them was that the things that she and Huan were oft most excited about were things that their lady mother tended to disapprove of.

Their lord father, on the other hand, was another matter entirely. )
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[n.b.: first posted here.]

the pride's children. this takes place shortly after caladh's first successful voyage as captain of his own ship. (huan went with him.) he's a bit young himself, high school senior or early college age equivalent and very excited and full of himself (he got better?), all the way down to brenan, who's lurking somewhere in pre-teen territory. not that one can tell. they're actually all between a century and change, and three centuries and a few decades old, and rather silly. that much never really changes.


I think you've all been out to sea too long; he's lost all his wit and charm, tá. )


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