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delande and nemanda, pre-alistar, and also, pre-pride. request was for what happened after delande called nemanda beautiful.


There were plenty of obvious, pragmatic reasons, socially relevant, politics-and-power-based, make-maithre-and-aithre-proud reasons why Delande should take interest in Nemanda Murtagh A'Lir. This was good, because it would not give her away to show it; it was in her, by birth and by training to immediately be drawn to trace the specific lines of power to the hands that held them.

Nemanda held many of those lines. )
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"Maaadi! He's doin' bad things again, tá!" Alistar yelled.

a very short one. bren gleefully raising the bar on the terrible twos. or twenties. whatever. )
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a bit more, that follows this. an appearance is made by wee!alistar.

but first there is a cranky tot to put down for a nap. )
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more bebe!brenan. this one follows right after the last. oh, and that was the first.


Delande found that old habits died hard; the child in her had the excuses ready, as she hurried into the hall in which Lugh was more sprawled, by her way of looking at it, than properly reclined--he'd given up sitting on the throne in favor of sitting on the steps at the foot of it and using the seat as a small table to hold a cup and wineskin; his cloak and shirts and sashes everywhere, his hair in disarray above the gold coronet, and a pipe to his mouth. She took a moment to simply look at him, and smile, before she spoke.

Did I miss anything exciting? )
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this one's...well, start of the pride, really. lugh meeting delande. i should up icons for them at some point that is not tonight because it took me forever just to get a posting window. >=\


The one they'd sent was distractingly beautiful--and young. The first part made him suspicious of what Titania might be up to--the second made him wonder what in the infernal waking dark was Oberon thinking. )

the pride.

Mar. 25th, 2009 10:48 am
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[n.b.: originally posted here.]

some little while after the first; or possibly longer. time is funny thing, on the isle.


Lilith had somehow managed to gather up most of their attention entirely for herself, like a greedy child offered a handful of sweets. )


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