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um. hi. part 4? tags will get you the uh, much earlier posts of this sequence.

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second part, which happens after this part. extended by another part, for those few that saw this as a WIP.


The four--or somewhat less than four--of them were riding, and there was one following, the third bright one, the one that wasn't (probably) the cridhos and definitely wasn't the mage they were riding with, flicking in and out on the edge of their senses, like deamhan campfire. Female, they thought, and young, more curious than anything.

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i had a request for rin and tiun's early adventures and several for indirect force [sidhe!team leverage], so hey, multiple birds in one fic. first part.

The message arrived via a brightly dancing butterfly, which, once it caught their attention, unfurled its wings wider and then wider still, into an explosion of red-orange feathers, tipped with black and blue as if dipped into ink wells, attached to a black-haired, black-eyed, shyly giggling cherub. This spoke to a different sort of urgency; Huan didn't often trust messages with the butterfly-minded among the fravashi.

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new people! now i need an icon for these guys too. >_>;

Matteu SeWyn= the planner. he's a tirnanog cridhos with a massive sugar addiction problem.
Soloni = the grifter. is ms-not-appearing-in-this-fic. maybe next time. ;)
Ever Turi = the hitter. tirnanog merc.
Xandre Aten=the hacker. avalon rianic auger/mage
Rose Petora = the thief. norther war orphan with a slight doormage ability; not gifted enough to have quite as many of the problems that go along with, or conversely, to get ceannard trap's attention.

still getting used to them, but i think they'll be fun.


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