Jun. 14th, 2009

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from here. bebe!brenan. or rather, his grandmother.


The first person Grainne Frangag met upon navigating the winding way up to the Ard Ri's front door--or doors, as the case may be, with a small and tired tot in tow, was a man that looked far too young to be so old. His dark brown hair had nary a streak of gray in it, yet he was hobbling stiffly and more slowly than Grainne could imagine herself ever doing, while leaning on a walking stick of several vines woven together. The fellow was looking far-away and idly at nothing in particular, as a few young foxes tumbled around his feet.

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more bebe!brenan. this one follows right after the last. oh, and that was the first.


Delande found that old habits died hard; the child in her had the excuses ready, as she hurried into the hall in which Lugh was more sprawled, by her way of looking at it, than properly reclined--he'd given up sitting on the throne in favor of sitting on the steps at the foot of it and using the seat as a small table to hold a cup and wineskin; his cloak and shirts and sashes everywhere, his hair in disarray above the gold coronet, and a pipe to his mouth. She took a moment to simply look at him, and smile, before she spoke.

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